Many off-road vehicles are simply designed for recreation. They carry light payloads and are designed to take outdoor enthusiasts places that can’t be easily accessed by foot. Mahindra has focused its efforts on utility side-by-sides in Abbotsford and across the world, these machines are designed as a working tool or a utility cross-over that can also be taken out for fun.

When Mahindra first entered the side-by-side market, they exclusively used Kohler powertrains in the first three years. That kept the speed limited to 30-35 mph, whereas the cross-over market is looking for more speed to go with the towing power. Mahindra then partnered with TGB to produce 1000cc engines to satisfy those looking for that extra torque and top-end speed.

The new engine power required re-thinking the chassis, handling and overall functionality of each model. Mahindra tested their side-by-sides in many locations around the world, including altitude testing in Colorado to ensure these machines can put up with the most challenging conditions. Independent Dual A-Arm suspension in the front and rear allows Mahindra utility vehicles to navigate the roughest parts of our province. Allowing you to bring unmatched power and loading capacity to any part of your property.

Utility side-by-sides in Abbotsford and across the Lower Mainland can be used in a variety of industries. Forestry companies must get their personnel to and from the job-site in places not always accessible by standard vehicles. Mine sites are a great application for utility vehicles, Mahindra’s mPact XTV 1000C side-by-sides seat four people and provides 1000 lbs of cargo capacity! Perfect for transporting workers to their machines in the morning or carrying tools to repair downed equipment in difficult areas.

As of 2018, Mahindra is now offering their new Retriever Flexhauler Series which has put other manufacturers on notice that Mahindra is a serious contender in this market. The Mahidnra exclusive Flexhauler cargo boxes easily convert to a flatbed to haul oversized cargo. Available in gas or diesel, the 1000 cc model features a monstrous 83 HP motor capable of a mind-bending 60 mph! Not to mention, each Retriever model comes standard with 2” front and rear hitches and an electric-powered cargo box.

If you are looking for fast, fuel-efficient, powerful and flexible utility side-by-sides in Abbotsford, we encourage you to contact Handlers today to learn more about our 3-year powertrain warranties on all new utility vehicles!