Most heavy equipment operators work long hours, on uneven terrain, putting strain on their bodies and their machines. To the uneducated, sitting in an excavator cab may seem like a cushy job, but any experienced operator will tell you the toll it takes on their body when every jolt and vibration is felt throughout a 10-hour shift. What makes Hyundai excavator cabs more comfortable than any other brand? Here are just a few of the features Hyundai offers:

Cab Size

Anyone who has jumped in a tiny excavator cab knows the feeling of being cramped and uncomfortable for days on end. Hyundai cabs are built for all sizes, while also considering the operator must be able to adjust their position comfortably, without banging their head on a window! Leg room is perhaps the most important feature found in Hyundai excavator cabs; an operator can’t be productive if they constantly need to stretch their legs outside of the cab.

Operator Vision

Hyundai cabs feature flat front upper and lower glass, which eliminates the distortion effect caused by curved glass. Large glass panels on all sides offer a 360-degree view without turning the machine. Improved fields of vision improve safety for all personnel on the job site.

Operator Seat

The captains chair, perhaps the most important part of operator comfort in any excavator. Hyundai machines feature 8-way adjustable air-ride seats, fully customizable to suit any operator. Air-ride suspension protects the operator’s back when digging through tough material or travelling on rough terrain. Seats like this are commonly found in commercial semi-trucks and there is no reason an excavator operator can enjoy the same levels of comfort. Not to mention, Hyundai excavators also come with heated seats to provide that extra level of comfort in freezing temperatures.

Other Features

Since Hyundai has dedicated so much time and effort into revolutionizing how we think about operator comfort, it is difficult to list all the features in one article. Beyond what we have discussed above, Hyundai excavators also come with touch-screen monitors, Bluetooth radios and haptic controls. These features are more commonly seen in luxury cars and offer additional convenience to the operator.

If you are still wondering what makes Hyundai excavator cabs more comfortable than any other brand, we encourage you to visit Handlers Equipment today to sit down in one of these amazing machines!