Choosing Hyundai Equipment for quarry and aggregate applications means choosing performance and quality for your earth moving machines. Aggregate materials are notoriously tough on equipment, which means you need the most durable excavators and loaders to move this material every day.

Hyundai offers one of the best warranties in the industry for excavators and loaders. Starting with a three-year/3000-hour full machine warranty and a 5-year/5000-hour structural warranty. They also offer optional extended warranties, up to 10,000 hours full machine warranty or a customized warranty to fit your specific needs.

Why choose Hyundai Equipment for quarry and aggregate applications? Here are four simple reasons:


Hyundai excavators and wheel loaders are powered by reliable and fuel-efficient tier 4 diesel engines. Hyundai loaders use either Cummins or Scania engines depending on the model size. Excavators are powered by Perkins, Cummins or Scania engines depending on the size. Regardless of which size you are looking for, you are sure to get the most powerful and fuel-efficient machine in its class.


Hyundai cabs are designed to be spacious and cozy with tons of operator comfort features. Some standard features include: heated air-ride seats, Bluetooth enabled radios, large touchscreen monitors and heated mirrors. Operator comfort is directly tied to reduced downtime and increased productivity.


There is nothing more frustrating than buying a new machine and discovering that basic maintenance requires contorting your body into unnatural positions. Hyundai excavators and loaders are equipped with remote-mounted fluid drains, ground level access to oil and fuel filters, swing-out oil coolers and maintenance free center pivot pins. Not to mention no DPF systems!


Hyundai takes safety to the next level with standard rear-view cameras and optional 360 view camera systems with dynamic object detection. Excellent operator visibility, back-up alarms and anti-slip steps are just a few of the standard safety features of any Hyundai machine.

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