You have likely heard these familiar phrases used by sales people everywhere, “best in class,” “industry leading,” “unmatched value.” These phrases are applied to passenger vehicles, heavy machinery and almost anything else that you can spend money on. You may have heard them so much that it becomes white noise and no longer factors into your buying decision. Rarely does a single product statement carry so much weight that it is almost untouchable by competitors. “Mahindra is the best-selling tractor in the world” is one such statement, it’s hard to compete with the entire planet.

If you are wondering why Mahindra is the best-selling tractor in the world, here are just a few reasons to consider:


Mahindra tractors originated from India in the 1960’s, which is the largest tractor market in the world. In 1983 Mahindra became the number one selling tractor in India and has maintained this position ever since. In 1994, Mahindra established Mahindra USA Inc. in Tomball, TX and began assembling their tractors using local resources and labour. It wasn’t long after that Mahindra had set up two more distribution plants in North America to keep up with the growing demand.

In 2010 Mahindra became the number one selling tractor in the world, a title it still holds today.


Mahindra’s commitment to quality is the only reason it was able to surpass established powerhouses like John Deer in the North American market. Canadian and American farmers are known for their brand loyalty and strong opinions on tractors. Farmers don’t care about fancy marketing campaigns, they are motivated by tough and versatile machines that improve productivity. Mahindra tractors are known to produce maximum power and torque while maximizing fuel savings. The only way to break into the North American market is with a top-quality product, it is no coincidence that sales increased when Mahindra was awarded the coveted Japan Quality Medal, the first tractor to receive such an honor. Mahindra is also the only tractor manufacturer to back their product with a 7-year powertrain warranty!


If you are looking for one tractor to perform all the heavy lifting tasks around the farm, look no further than Mahindra. There is a wide range of sizes available, from small hobby farm tractors to the big HP machines needed for a large commercial operation. Mahindra also provides a wide range of tractor attachments to choose from. Everything from snow blowers, mowers, blades and much more.

If you are still wondering why Mahindra is the best-selling tractor in the world, we encourage you to visit Handlers Equipment today to test drive one of these amazing machines!