Woodchippers offer an easy and convenient way to remove large tree branches and other wood debris from any commercial or residential property. Why do you need a woodchipper in BC? They offer a much more convenient way to remove debris without making a costly trip to the dump; they also can provide material to use in gardens and other projects.

Woodchippers are heavy-duty machines used to chop up large tree limbs, bushes or other wood debris into small portable woodchips. They help make farms, residential and commercial properties safer while recycling trees in an environmentally friendly way.

Benefits of a Woodchipper in BC

Woodchips are can be used on farms and residential properties as mulch for gardens. Why purchase costly landscape materials when you can make your own while cleaning up your property at the same time.

If you are burning unwanted wood on your property, wood chips are much easier to burn than larger pieces of wood. You can also use wood chips in a wood stove or even create Bio-fuel if you have time and the right materials. Bio-fuel requires special enzymes to break down the wood into ethanol that can be used to run certain types of vehicles and machines. Bio-fuel is a great way to create energy and use every part of the tree, rather than hauling it to the dump.

Compost is another great reason to purchase a woodchipper. If you shred the wood as well as other compostable items, you will have ready-to-use fertilizer that is great for your plants and the environment.

Not all woodchippers are made the same of course. We recommend the AVANT C series of wood chippers for small and large jobs.

AVANT CH100 – This is a compact and robust disc chipper which easily attaches to your AVANT loader and is great for small branches and trees up to 10 cm in diameter. This is the ideal tool for small residential properties and hobby farms looking to clean up small tree branches

AVANT CH150 – This heavy duty woodchipper is equipped with a feeding unit designed to draw in the most stubborn tree branches. This unit is designed for professional landscapers and property maintenance companies looking for high efficiency and power.

You need a woodchipper in BC whether you are looking to clean up your small property or require wood clearing on a large scale. Contact Handlers Equipment today to learn more about our wood-processing equipment.