Zero-turn lawn mowers in Abbotsford are also referred to as “zero-turn radius mowers” or “ZTRs.” This means this machine can spin in a circle like a forklift, allowing you to easily access tight areas with precision, unlike traditional ride-on lawn tractors. With rear-mounted engines and wide cutting decks, zero-turn mowers are the ideal choice for commercial lawn care operations. ZTRs are also a great choice for the average consumer looking to upgrade their lawn-care equipment!

Standard zero-turn mowers use twin steering levers, bars or pedals to control the tow picoting front wheels. This enables a ZTR to essentially turn on a dime, allowing them to maneuver around trees, bushes, flowerbeds and any other obstacle. Although comparable in size to a traditional lawn tractor, ZTR mowers offer a more powerful engine, capable of traveling 8+ mph, vs the traditional 4-5mph. Experts estimate that zero-turn lawn mowers in Abbotsford can mow a lawn twice as fast as a traditional lawn tractor, or even faster! If you are mowing lawns professionally, this much efficiency can have a large impact on your bottom line. Or if you just have a large yard, a ZTR can get the job done much faster, allowing you to focus more time on other tasks or just put your feet up!

Handlers Equipment is proud to offer the best zero-turn lawn mowers in Abbotsford, with several choices in manufacturers, Handlers settled on Cub Cadet due to their unmatched quality and durability.

Cub Cadet’s Pro Z 100 S Series is designed for the serious lawn care professional. Over 40,000 hours of engineering, design and testing went into developing this beast into the perfect mower for landscape professionals. Cub Cadet redefined the ZTR category with a first-of-its-kind four-wheel steering system connecting to a comfortable steering wheel. This provides the operator with even more maneuverability compared to the 2-wheel drive designs. It also provides more stability and precision on any terrain while virtually eliminating turf damage.

The Pro Z 100 S Series features a sloped-nose, triple blade floating deck that adjusts to your desired grass height. A trim-side discharge opening, and consistent blade tip speed evenly disperses grass clippings for professional-grade results.

If you are looking for zero-turn lawn mowers in Abbotsford, contact Handler Equipment today for the latest professional lawn care equipment!